“Hi to everyone. We own #504 and I wanted to pass on a reliable air conditioning company to you. Our guests checked in Saturday night and the condo did not cool down. I called several places Sunday and found OneHour Service which should take a charge card, a couple only took cash or a check. They came out and charged $99.00 and told me the fan was locked up and that I needed a new fan & compressor and that the unit was really rusted badly and I should it for $2900/0. I called A. Berkes for another source and she gave me the name of Advanced A/C & Heating. She had dealt with them at her Island Echoes unit. They were there at 9:00 Monday a.m. and repaired it for $275.00. I needed a new run cap and a capacitor and it is working fine for now. I just wanted to pass on their # to all of you 1-850-244-3757.” – Rene Platten

“To all the wonderful people at Advanced A/C and Heating. We appreciate all you do.” – American Realty Family

“Thanks for the prompt, professional service” – J. Parish

“I want to tell you, thank you so much for your outstanding service” – Emilio

“Johnny, Many thanks for all the times I called and you came. You are special to me” – Pat Richardson

“Johnny, Thanks for your help. We appreciate all that you do for us” – Judy