changing the air filter
Year Round – change or clean air filters regularly!

A good maintenance call scheduled regularly eliminates issues with poor or dirty filtration. From stuffed filters to build-up over the evaporator coils, keeping your central air system clean not only benefits the system itself but the sanitation of the air you breathe inside of your home.

When air filters are not replaced or cleaned out it adds strain upon the AC because it is now more restrictive than before. This means less air gets through the filter and less air is conditioned. If this happens, it also causes the evaporator coils to ice up while the system overheats.

The evaporator coils are hollow tubes through which refrigerant flows. Once the refrigerant reaches the evaporator coils, the coils grow cold so that the indoor air supply that passes over them are cooled before returning into your home. Something as simple as a dirty filter can stop this process because less room temperature air passes over the coils which in turn ice up.

Likewise, poor air flow due to dirty filters encourages the system to overheat and shut down. This is because a central air system needs a heat source to function and restricted air flow means the same amount of energy is used for less and less air.

Filters that are not serviced are the number one reason to system shut-downs.

SOLUTION: Have your preferred HVAC technician visit to service your AC system. Be sure to replace filters and have the evaporator coils and drip pans cleaned. These areas collect water and are prone to microbiological growth.