air conditioner repair and heater repairThis is a prime example of not letting your a/c or heat pump “breathe”. It is very important to cut all foliage away from your outside unit so it can get the best air flow possible. We recommend that you do not use pleated filters. We also recommend that your unit has a good platform that keeps dirt from being sucked into unit. The best air flow into your unit will provide maximum efficiency. We know that it is “pretty” to cover your outdoor unit with foliage, but it does nothing for its efficiency. If you want it to be hidden, simply build a lattice type fence at least 24″ away from unit so we still have access to service it.

Carrier Filter Sizing made easy…
Did you know that Carrier has their own filter? For example, on a 1.5 ton regular air handler, the filter size is 13 x 21 1.5 x 1. You won’t find these filters in the store. You can only get them from Carrier dealers and contractors. There is an adapter that you can purchase and have installed that would convert your filter size to 12 x 20 x 1, which is a more common filter. Another option is to “stock up” on a year’s supply at a time or even purchase a “washable filter”. Advanced A/C & Heating can help you with all of your filter needs. Call today at 850.244.3757

Change your filters monthly!
These filters were not changed for 3 months and are supposed to be changed every month. When this much dust and debris is on your filter, you are not getting the optimum performance from your HVAC system. Remember to change your filters to keep your system clean and the airflow steady!